Feel Good About Your Body

November 21, 2008

In the ad she says she is pushing 40. Is that what a woman of 40 supposed to look like? Apparently yes. That is if she uses the right beauty products. Still, the actress is about 25, you can tell by her titties.

Unbelievable pressure on women. “If you do not look like her when you are 40 you are a slob” - this is the message. Piss off! A 40-year-old woman may still look good if she takes care of herself, but never will she pass for a bird of 25.
Blokes got it easy, I have never seen an advert that would target a 40-year-old man’s appearance. Ha-ha, bloody heck, imagine a 25 year old hunk saying from the telly: “Now that I am 40, life has just began for me. Not only I have got the money, I also look good”.
This will put nearly all male viewers of certain age to misery. “If you don’t make money you are a looser, if you don’t have a young man’s abbs you are a looser too”. No win situation, eh?

I know quite a few people in their forties. Most of them have given up on themselves, they are happy if they simply got somewhere professionally. Then again, not many of them ever dared to rank their own physics too high even when they were 25, why would they care now?

Still, to remain mentally fit (or unfit but appear to function properly), people need to feel good about themselves. How do they do it, best kept secret. Some of the cases are pure gold, check this out: a manager has given himself a birthday present… dick enlargement. He claimed that during meetings it helped him to enter a room full of people, many of them being younger than himself. He said, he still felt superior to them, thanks to that little extra in his underpants.

Getting a bigger dick is quite a drastic performance. Getting a tattoo is a way easier option. Technically it should do same trick: a body modification in order to boost up self esteem. Besides, I don’t believe that a penis enlargement was ever done by a somebody who was a happy person, but I do believe that there are happy tattoos. These are done in order to celebrate your body, they are pure decoration.

Physically, between say 35 and 40, many men go through significant changes: they loose their hair and they bulk up. Consequently, they are running a risk to look older.
On average, a 38-year-old man might look about 45. The good news, he is probably going to look like this for the next 10-15 years. His age, eventually, should catch up with his appearance and, by the time he is 50, he’s got a fair chance to look good again (for his age of course).

40 year old men generally look younger than their actual age when they are thin but healthy, and they aren’t bald. If they also have the money, they are true winners. Example: Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, many rock and pop stars.
Fair enough, a life span of a rock star is likely to be below 40, with the exception of somebody like Iggy, or Mick Jagger (the above theorem may be proved true for the price of two reunion shows).

To finish it off nicely: if you are a bloke, do not, I repeat, do not try and look younger by following younger trends in fashion. Do three other things instead: shave, exercise and stop smoking. These are guaranteed to bring results.

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