Journey Through Time and Space

August 1, 2008

Hi there and welcome to the journey through time and space with our new fabulous blog. As has been said by Slavka (the famous Russian traveller and explorer) “…it is possible to have an overwhelming number of places to visit and still function… with a clear head and a positive sense of relaxed control”. What a great mind!

Indeed, there is no single means of perfecting our personal qualities, but there are things we can do to facilitate them. Does visiting Russia seem an overwhelming experience to you? Does work keep mounting up while you are on holiday? Do your stress levels reach fever pitch when you are waiting for your visas? This blog is going to help you to look good, keep your hair, organize your wardrobe and revolutionize the way you travel to far and distant lands (such as Moscow).

With us you will learn how to:

  • follow the “log on, purchase it, apply for it, get it” principal to your trip
  • use the 2-minute rule when deciding what to do abroad and what to defer
  • handle e-mail, paperwork and unexpected demands more efficiently
  • plan and progress in your projects quickly and effectively
  • reassess your goals and learn to prioritize your photographs
  • overcome feelings of stress and anxiety when reading your bank statement

Apart from helping you to make the best action choices and setting a new practice for a new reality, we are going to bring you all the latest news and updates in the flatfield of our parallel universe. We know this information is sorely needed. Please, enjoy. From us to you with love, peace and respect.

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