Tourist Group Invitationprint

This type of visa might be suitable for a tourist group that has at least 7 (and no more than 50) people in a group. The process of getting visas for a group is similar to one for individual tourists. However, please note that the process of a group visa application assumes that all members of the group should apply for their visa at the same time and at the same Russian embassy.

It’s also very important that all members of a group will travel using same transport and cross the border all together.

If you travel with a group, your tour-leader or your local travel agency most likely will help you with the visa issuing procedure.


Our Letter of Invitation (visa support)

To start your visa application you will need a letter of invitation.

We offer our group invitations to those who wish to travel as a group.

Please note that the price of a group invitation might come significantly cheaper than a total price of a number of individual invitations issued to each person independently. Basically, the price of a group invitation depends on the following:

The group invitation is a Tourist Voucher, issued by a travel agency like ourselves, confirming booking of accommodation in Russia along with your itinerary.

Book your accommodation with us and your invitation will come absolutely free!

If you are staying with your friends or relatives or you would rather book accommodation of your own, we will be happy to offer you our visa support only. You will be charged price of the invitation.   

Please refer to the Price Guide below for details.

Groups 7 — 12 persons

Period Entry Registration Ost-West
up to 14 days SGL YES $20
up to 1 month SGL YES $20
up to 14 days DBL NO $20
up to 1 month DBL NO $20
up to 14 days SGL/DBL YES $9
up to 1 month SGL/DBL YES $15

Groups 13 — 30 persons

Period Entry Registration Ost-West
up to 14 days SGL YES $20
up to 1 month SGL YES $20
up to 14 days DBL NO $20
up to 1 month DBL NO $20
up to 14 days SGL/DBL YES $7
up to 1 month SGL/DBL YES $12

The price  includes one registration.

Your registration can be done in one of the following cities: St. Petersburg.  

Registration does not apply to you if your stay is less than 7 working days or you have booked a hotel elsewhere and hold a valid confirmation of your booking. If you are on a cruise, you also do not have to register.


Ordering Your Invitation

There is no ordering “online” option for this type of invitation; the group invitation should be booked with us by e-mail. The invitation will come to you by e-mail or fax. Please, see below if you require the original of your invitation.

Please contact us to initiate your order.

Our friendly and competent staff shall advice you on the payment options available to you.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


The Information We Need

In order to successfully issue your invitation, we will need the following information:


The Documents You Might Need

Getting the invitation does not mean getting your visa!

Please, meet us half-way and submit your visa application at your local Russian Embassy!

This must be done in the country of your residency!

Your visa application might need to include the following:

A word to the wise: The Embassy rules and requirements might vary in different countries. Please ask your local consulate about the latest changes in visa applications. The above list might be a lot shorter (or a lot longer)!


The Original of Your Invitation

The original of your invitation can be send on request by post (Westpost service — without guarantee) within 3 — 9 working days for an additional fee of $35. Sending by express mail UPS/FedEx takes 3 — 5 working days and costs $95$56. The original invitation also can be picked up in person at one of our offices during office working hours.