Hotels in Weliki Nowgoroddrucken


Park Inn (Beresta Palace) 5 stars

Park Inn (Beresta Palace), 5 stars Deluxe

Rated as the very best and largest hotel in Novgorod the Great "Beresta Palace" is located on the bank of the Volkhov River not far from the town centre. The hotel’s fine atmosphere incorporates a multitude of opportunities for work and play. The hotel features 195 spacious comfortable double rooms, 14 "Junior Suites", 5 "Suites", Premier Apartments, Modular Conference Hall for 250 seats, 2 meeting rooms, Business Center, WiFi-Internet facility. Erfahren Sie mehr

Volkhov 3 stars

Volkhov, 3 stars Tourist Class

The three-star Volkhov hotel is the oldest hotel in Veliky Novgorod. It was built in 1958 and reconstructed in 1997-2002. All its rooms were renovated and another floor and an elevator were added to the establishment. The hotel is located centrally, close to the Kremlin and right next to the building of Regional Administration. Hotel Volkhov is a popular choice of accommodation amongst tourists and business travellers alike. Erfahren Sie mehr

Sadko 3 stars

Sadko, 3 stars Tourist Class

The "Sadko" hotel is located in the historical part of Novgorod Veliki, on the right bank of the Volkhov River, in about 25 minutes walk from the Kremlin.
The hotel was built in the 1960 and has been renovated in the 90s. The name refers to the Russian fairy-tale character - Sadko
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