News - Russian Sanduny Baths house (historical Banya)

15 , 2007

Russian Sanduny Baths house (historical Banya)

Sanduny Banya & Sanduny Restaurant They say: Who wasn't at Sanduny, didn't see Moscow.

The Russian Banya (a Russian version of Finnish sauna) is full of hot steam and healing powers. Its famous world-wide and has a very long tradition. Sanduny is one of the oldest and most beautiful baths houses in Russia. It was built in 1896 and it looks like a palace.

The marble starcase alone is worth a visit. Both the Banya and the Restaurant have been renovated in 2004 from the original drawings of the 19th century.

We offer an individual excursion through Banya with 2 hours time of enjoing the steam room and a delicious Russian dinner at the restaurant afterwards.

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