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Golden Ring. 12 cities. Route Map

Golden Ring. 12 cities. Route Map. Click picture to enlarge

The Golden Ring features two of Russia’s most important historical and cultural regions located to the North-east of Moscow. The title of Golden Ring was devised in the early 1970-s to describe the belt of old Russian towns which includes, amongst many others, the old towns of Vladimir, Suzdal, Yaroslavl, Rostov Veliki, Sergiev Passad, Pereeslavl Salesski, Kostroma, Uglitch, Vologda and Kirilov (Goritsi).

The title refers to the historical and cultural background shared by these towns. It also relates to the golden domes of Russian medieval churches and the autumn colours of the Russian Northern landscape.

Amongst many options of how to structure a visit to this part of the country is a trip by a boat. However popular it might be, please bear in mind that it still ties you to the designated stops and the group only guided tours.

For genuine individual travellers small individual tours are available. They run from Moscow. Most take about 1-to-3 days and include travelling by car with assistance of experienced guides in each visited town. The last leg of a tour is from St. Petersburg and includes travelling by a night train. If you are interested in the individual tour option, please contact us and we will send our detailed instructions to you.

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