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Lake Baikal

 The view on Bailkal Lake from The Stone of Chersky

The view on Lake Baikal from Peak Chersky

The village of Listvyanka is located approximately 70km. from Irkutsk directly on Lake Baikal in the delta of Angara River. This is one of the largest rivers in Russia and with the width of 863m is the widest river in the world. The lovely village of Listvyanka is rapidly becoming a hot tourist spot both regionally and internationally. This is the best opportunity for a tourist to stop over when visiting Lake Baikal.

 The Baikal in the morning

The Lake Baikal in the morning

The village has approximately 1500 inhabitants and stretches for over 5 km along the edge of the lake. The Museum of Baikal Lake provides a visitor with information about the largest fresh water reservoir on Earth. Church of St. Nicolas, built in the middle of the 19th century, a small Baikal zoo, and a private picture gallery all can be of interest too. In addition, Listvyanka has its own landing stage from where the island of Olchon (the lake’s largest island) might be reached. If flying isn’t your cup of tea a boat trip option is also available.

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