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I am coming to Russia on Friday and leave on Monday, do I need the registration?

According to the rules, the foreign visitor is allowed to stay without registration for less than 7 working days. Friday is your first working day (arrival day), Saturday and Sunday – days off and Monday is your second working day (departure day). In this case you may ignore the registration. However, if you are staying in a hotel, they will register you pell-mell right on your arrival.

I have an invitation from one city in Russia. After receiving my visa, will I be able to visit other cities in Russia too?

Yes, you may visit any place as long as you are staying on Russian territory. Your visa is the permission to enter the country. Just keep following the correct registration rules if you are moving around.

We do recommend that you enter and leave Russia at the cities where you got the invitation for.

We adopted a child in Russia and now we want to take a trip to Russia together. Do we have to get a Russian visa for the child?

No, you don’t have to. Children, adopted in Russia, remain Russian citizens ’till they are 18 years old (then they can choose their citizenship themselves). They also should be issued a Russian passport upon adoption. Russian Law does not forbid them to become the citizens of other country too. If the child has valid Russian travel passport, this may be used for travelling purpose.

Why do I have to submit original passport in the Russian consulate, and not only a copy?

Your visa comes as a sticker to be glued to your passport page.

Why do I need a migration card and registration?

The migration card helps the appropriate government bodies to keep an eye on migration of people in and out of the country. Visa registration was introduced by the appropriate government bodies to avoid illegal immigration.

Of course, you can also suffer a police check on the spot, while walking down the street. Do not be alarmed if they stop you, but do show your registration document or its copy on demand.

If you have any questions regarding any of the above please, contact us.