Your Migration Card is Missing

If you find your migration card missing, first of all DO NOT PANIC! You will have to go to your local OVIR and promptly confess. Better yet you might want to let your host know about it. They just might have enough time of their life left to straighten it out.

If you loose your migration card before you are actually registered with OVIR your registration will be difficult, putting it very mildly. Read more in the next section

The moral: whatever you do, do not loose your migration card. However, if you find it missing, do contact us immediately!

You Have No Registration

Literally you can not loose your registration. Once registered, unless you move about and change towns, you should be covered up to the day of your departure.

The idea is to get registered on the first place and this is as much your responsibility as is the responsibility of your host.

Computer at the port of entry (passport control) will read your passport and show the officer in charge whether you have been registered or not. Remember, skipping registration is an offence. Possible outcomes include fines on departure, problems on boarding the plane, detention by the police and ultimately a deportation from Russia. Once deported, you will not be able to visit Russia for at least five years.

Your host will also get fined and will not be happy about it, as fines are heavy (say a lot more than your registration fees).

The moral: Do come to our office ASAP for registration. The general rule is you do so right on arrival or the morning after.

Your Visa Has Expired

Please, do not overstay your welcome! If you miss the final day of your visa period, leaving the country might become a very unpleasant business indeed.

Please remember, unless you possess a working visa any extension of your current visa is impossibility.

If for any reason (missed train, broken leg, heart attack) you have stayed past your final date, come to us at once and we shall see what can be done. Generally it will cost you money and take time (up to 10 days). In the end if you are lucky you will be issued with additional “exit” visa.

The moral: You are better off having your visa for a longer term than extending your visa after expiry date.

Your Documents Gone Missing

If you discover that your passport and visa gone and once you have recovered from initial shock, please follow the action plan below:

  If you have any questions regarding any of the above please, contact us.