On your arrivalprint

As you are traveling to Russia, sooner or later you will be going through the passport control. This is obligatory that you fill in a migration card and hand it to the custom officer along with your passport. Foreign visitors should be offered migration cards by the staff while they are approaching the Russian boarder. In case of travelling by car, the migration cards should be handed out by the officer in charge.

If you have not been offered a migration card to fill in, please, ask for it!

The migration card itself has two parts: arrival and departure. The arrival part will be taken off you by the passport control officer. The departure part will be stamped and returned to you for your registration. Please remember, without the migration card your registration in Russia might become a very difficult (and quite expensive) task!

Filling in your migration card is quite of  a challenge!

The following set of instructions should help you along the way. Please read carefully and take note!