Hotels in Irkutskprint

Room Grades

Europe 4 stars

Europe, 4 stars Business Class

The complex of Europe Hotel is superbly located at the town's center of commerce in close proximity to big shopping malls and the town's market. The hotel's location is complemented by the nearby junction. The roads go in four different directions: to The Central Market, to the historical centre, to the airport and to The Lake Baikal. Learn More

Gloria 4 stars

Gloria, 4 stars

Located in the commercial area of Irkutsk the hotel, which was opened in 2002, offers its guests an accommodation of the highest standard. Amongst the hotel's many amenities are laundry services, bar and restaurant, comfortable lounge, fitness centre and many more. Every room has en-suite bathroom and is furnished comfortably with respect to the establishment's ethos: to provide an immaculate and professional service.
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Angara 3 stars

Angara, 3 stars Tourist Class

The Angara hotel operates since 1969. The hotel is located right in the centre of Irkutsk at the Kirov\\\'s square. Several theaters, the town hall, movie-theaters, restaurants, Central Park (of Irkutsk) and many other places of recreation and entertainment surround the Angara hotel. 280 rooms offer accommodation to 450 guests. Learn More

Victory 3 stars

Victory, 3 stars Tourist ClassNew

The Victory Hotel is situated in the very centre of Irkutsk, the capitol of the East Siberia. Conveniently located at the junction of two big streets it lets out its rooms to many Russian and foreign visitors. Many significant town\'s landmarks may be reached on foot. This makes it a desirable accommodation for those interested in the historical past of Irkutsk. Learn More