General City Information

Moscow is the capital of the Russian Federation. With nearly 11 million inhabitants it is the largest city of Europe. Although Moscow is constantly under reconstruction, its unmistakable traditional character is there: the hills, the meanders of river Moskva, walls of the Kremlin, beautiful Metro and wide boulevards alternating with narrow inner city lanes.

The history of Moscow has many chapters: more than 250 years of Mongolian aggression, wars against Poland and Lithuania, as well as Napoleon’s army, the Second World War in which the Germans didn’t succeed in conquering the city, the Soviet regime... Today it is the financial center of the gas and oil industry, the epicenter of the modern show business and a mixture of all cultures of the huge Russian Federation. In 1935 first metro was opened. During this time under Stalin’s rule the complete reconstruction of the city was planned. Many architectural monuments were to be exchanged for the oversized symbols of Communist dictatorship. This process was only stopped by the Second World War.

At the heart of Moscow are the Kremlin, the Red Square with Lenin’s mausoleum, the Twerskaya Road and Arbat. On these roads you can find luxurious hotels, bars, restaurants, and shops. On the bank of the Moskva river is famous Gorki Park, with its numerous recreational activities: a boat station, bars, restaurants, cafes, and (in the wintertime) ice skating rink.

Today Moscow is a huge metropolis with innumerable suburbs. During daytime it is often so overcrowded that the traffic stops for hours. Therefore you need to budget carefully for all your transfers in Moscow because you can be stuck in a traffic jam, even if your accommodation is near to the airport or station.

During daytime the Metro is usually the fastest option. It costs only 17 rubles so it is also cheap. You can go on foot, but it’s only so many places you can get to, because distances are vast. Budget at least one hour to get to the place and one hour for your journey back.

If you are visiting Moscow for the first time we strongly recommend finding a companion who knows Moscow very well. The city is rather confusing first instance. To add to this, Moscow has become one of the most expensive cities of the world. Modern skyscrapers, multicolored advertisements, expensive fashion shops, and restaurants do not need to be specially introduced. However, behind that modern facade, you will discover the old Moscow with many old buildings full of old history.

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