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Michael Schempp


Russland ist das schönste land der welt ich war in sankt petersburg mir hat es gefallen ich werde wieder da fahren
Vladimir Putin kann stolz sein über seine stadt ich schätze Herr Putin sehr Er soll sich nichts rein reden lassen von den amis

Mit freindlichen Grüssen
Euer Russland Freund

Charlotte Johnson-Walker


Thank you very much for your prompt and helpful reply, I can now submit my visa application.

Your help has been much appreciated and I look forward to recommending your company to any friends who may wish to travel to Russia in the future, an excellent service, thank you!

All the best
Charlotte Johnson-Walker

Jan Teede


We talk a great deal about our time in St Petersburg. The impression the city made upon us will resonate for the rest of our lives. We'll be back one day!

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General City Information

Traditional Church in Winter

Traditional Church in Winter

You will find Murmansk with any luck somewhat 1967 km north of Moscow. The town is stretching along the coast into the Barents Sea for over 20 km, and it is Russia’s most important trade and military ice-free port in the North. At the end of the 19th century there were plans to build a seaport-town on eternal frozen ground, beyond the Arctic Circle. The work commenced on 4th of October 1916. The town originally started as a camp for the construction of railways and its original name was Romanov at Murman. In 1917, after the revolution, the town was renamed Murmansk. During the Second World War all the outside help to Russia was carried out via the port of Murmansk. The town was completely destroyed by air raids. Only three houses stayed intact.

Murmansk covered by snow

Murmansk covered by snow

Today Murmansk is a town with approximately 321 000 inhabitants and is the world’s largest city north of the Arctic Circle. Administratively the city is divided into three districts—Leninski in the north, Oktyabrski in the centre and Pervomayski in the south. The main attraction of the city near the sea is the port. A part of it is accessible to visitors. The port is the location of the Russian icebreaker fleet. Legendary atomic icebreaker “Lenin” is open for visitors. In the summer one can go on a 3-hour trip around Kola Bay on the board of “Klavdiya Yelanskaya”. It will take you up to the Sal’nyy Island passing Roslyakovo and Severomorsk. The length of the trip route is 28 nautical miles (nearly 48 km).

Sunset Night Sun

Sunset Night Sun

Lake Semyonovskoye is a recreational area of Murmansk dwellers. It is situated between two streets—Ulitsa Askol’dovtsev and Ulitsa Geroyev-Severomortsev. Regattas are held on the lake. The Palace of Children Creativity “Laplandiya” and The Oceanarium are on the lake banks.

The port is still the heart of the town. It’s a fishing harbor and a strong commercial unit too. Murmansk has important metal, fish and wood industries. The town is the administrative, industrial and cultural center of the Murmansk Oblast (region) which has 850 000 inhabitants in total.

As the town is beyond the Arctic Circle it boasts polar nights in the wintertime and bright midnight sun in summer. As the Finish border isn’t far away (about 240 km) it is easy to travel from Murmansk to Finland using a transfer.

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    Here you will find a list of hotels in Murmansk with a reservation option. You may book any of the listed hotels via our agency and get a reduced price. If you book your hotel with us, your visa support (letter of invitation for a Russian visa) will be free of charge. If you are interested in booking a different hotel in Murmansk, please, contact us.
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    Murmansk is located beyond the Arctic Circle, so there are a lot of exciting things a tourist might do. Here you will find a list of excursions and day trips we recommend. On request, extra excursions can be organised. If you are interested in this option, please, contact us.
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    Here you will find a list of our transportation services (including the rent-a-car option). We offer individual transfers by private car and group transfers by bus. Usually the transfer does not include a guide, but it’s possible to arrange this. The guide (who speaks one of the available languages) will accompany you to your accommodation and will generally show you around.